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Capitol Contributor: Cerre

Looks from the couturier to Peeta and Haymitch.

When Peeta Mallark’s stylist needed a cool, asymmetrical leather jacket for a stop on the Victory Tour, she turned to Cerre. This L.A.-based label—helmed by husband-and-wife-team Clayton and Flavie Webster—has a reputation for elevating simple staples such as sheaths and skirts into custom-like, tailored pieces. And while the duo created bespoke aubergine shawl collar coats for the Gamemakers and silk Avox uniforms, their women’s ready-to-wear collections merit more than a once over.

“I focus on the body and silhouette and Clayton approaches things more conceptually and focuses on the details and overall vision,” says Flavie, who recently gleaned inspiration from the beaches of her native South of France. (The former runway models who met while working in Paris.) “Clayton seems to get inspired a lot from the science fiction books he reads and strange music he listens to.”

The result is fluid silhouettes in a stark palette of leather and silk. An oversized lapis leather moto jacket, silk tops with detachable Joan of Arc snoods and a caramel blazer with exaggerated batwing sleeves are all highlights of their fall line.  Clearly, their leather pieces transcend seasons and age like a fine Bordeaux. “Working with leather is amazing,” says Flavie Webster. “Every hide has its own unique characteristics that change over time and by taking care to use it in the highest quality construction possible, it can give you a lifetime of use.”

When it comes to loyalty, one might expect the Websters to favor District 10 for the hides that come from its livestock industry. Not so.  “As far as our favorite Districts go, I guess we would have to say District 1 as they produce all of the luxury items,” says Flavie, who then adds: “But really I think we both favor District 13. “  Perhaps she means the memory of a bygone District?



Sartorial Synergy: Capitol Couture Returns

Typically at the beginning of an issue of Capitol Couture, you will find a lighthearted preview and a meaningful commentary from the mind that shaped the issue, molding it into the final product you see here.  But there’s more than one mind at work at Capitol Couture, and in the spirit of President Snow’s “One Panem” initiative we have reached out to reinforce our connections with the foundation of this magazine: our staff.    

Each member of the Capitol Couture team brings their unique experience and insight to every page we construct. Focusing on the collaborative nature of life, art, and fashion, this installment of Capitol Couture will highlight the success we can achieve through working together. This being said, the whole staff at Capitol Couture, would like to collectively welcome you to our special edition issue.

We will visit Peeta Mellark and Johanna Mason, whose united skills have delivered them from yet another arena. We will introduce you to the One Panem initiative and the Capitol Ministry of Information- a fresh government branch with a highly fashionable leader, dedicated to the unification of our country and all its myriad strengths. We will spotlight the selfless, charitable members of the Capitol, donating their time and effort to give back to the people of Panem. And naturally, we will bring you the latest, hottest fashion, featuring designers creating together for the most fabulous future imaginable.

As always, dear readers, we encourage you to be relevant. Be chic. Be collaborative. Be Capitol.


The Staff of Capitol Couture

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